Saturday, 7 March 2015

march 7th

I'm exhausted, tired, and frankly weak. I'm so tired about my lack of self care, self love, and self awareness. I used to have it all, well that's what I considered having it all meant. But at some point early in 2014 I lost all hope. I have to be honest that exercise has been a challenge for me the past 3 years, but there's always hope. I've jumped back on the wagon many times before, I just need to stop falling off so many times.
So as of today ( I am writing this at 1am), I am challenging myself to exercise for 30minutes daily for the next 30 days. Walking to and from work in 15minute breaks does not count. I can honestly say there will be days that I struggle to stick to it, and other days where I don't get to do it at all. But there will be many more days that I am successful, that I crush it and just get through it. As I write this I am already make excuses for myself about why I would completely get out of exercising, but this is how it starts "I'm just too busy today", "I'm really tired, I'll go tomorrow", "I'd rather have dinner early", " I worked late today". I could use at least 3 of these excuses all at the same time, that's how popular they are. Now I know what I'm fully capable of. Making excuses before I even begin. I guess I'm scared to fail, so I sabotage myself before I even begin. The only difference this time around is I have to change. If I don't I WILL lose myself. Along with my energy, self love, and self awareness.

I will try to document daily, if not every other day max.